Tuesday, August 2, 2011

When I knew Ashley was in love with JP

Ashley Herbert, the Bachelorette, may have shocked some by her decision to accept a proposal from JP Rosenbaum, but she didn’t shock me. For weeks now, I have known she was in love with JP.

JP and Ashley have the kind of relationship many want. The signs of them falling in love were all around for quite awhile. I feel as if the show could have packed their bags weeks ago.

The meeting

The first meeting between Ashley and JP was magical. He did nothing fancy to catch her eye. He smiled away and when they alone time, Ashley could not stop giggling.  The “Cupcake” nickname brings them closer.

Coin flip

JP lost a date because of a coin flip, but gained a kiss. A coin flip made sure they kissed. This showed Ashley that JP was willing to roll with the punches. She giggled at the idea.

Love sparks

On their fist date, Ashley was distraught from Bentley leaving. JP had to endure her in a non-glamorous setting. This type of date is the type that happens in real life. This started the falling in love process. JP has to see Ashley how she is in real life. They had a great time just being with each other. Love was overflowing as JP just wanted to make sure she was ok.

Bentley comes back

When Bentley comes back to give Ashley some closer, she tells JP first. This is because she is in love with him and wants to be honest. He is just happy that she got some closure. He is right there for her during the journey, this time and many others.

His concerns

During the later part of the process, JP shows concern. He does not like seeing Ashley go out with the other guys. However, Ashley is right there the entire way telling him the process is worth it. When she turns to comfort him each time, the fact that she does not let him go, tells us she is in love with him.

I hope Ashley and JP have a long happy life together. From the first meeting to the first date, there was a lot of love going around between them.

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