Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dating Myths Men Need to Get Over

Dating Myths Men Need to Get Over

Many men believe lots of myths about dating that actually keep them from getting dates. If men could get over these certain myths then they can find dates, with much surprise.


Most men believe that if you are a gamer then you are destined to be alone. In fact, our online dater Travis was very hesitant to put on his profile that he liked to play games. For years, gamers were portrayed as lonely virgins who did nothing but stare at their XBOX or computer screens. However, the reason why this myth needs to be busted is the fact that more and more girls are getting into the gaming screen. In fact, ’hiding’ behind a fictional character on RPG (role-playing games) may give you the confidence to talk to girls. Once they get to know you, it is smooth sailing.

Females are the emotional ones

I admit I believed this one too up until recently. I actually had to ask my husband if guys got their heart’s broken like women did. I did know if guys actually put that much emotion into their relationships let women do. It seemed whenever you saw a movie, look at Facebook, or read a magazine article it was advice on how to help women get over a breakup. I have discovered that men are emotional about their feelings also. Men really need to let others know that they care. It may surprise others if you open up a bit about how much you feel. It can be very upsetting to think your man just does not care because he does not open up.

Feminism means misery

Actually, this could mean the opposite. Women that are ‘feminism’ in nature could just mean that they enjoy doing things that are not typically female. This could mean bringing your date hunting, boxing, fishing or any other activity that you may enjoy too. Just because she is for equal rights does not mean that she is going to be belittling you all of the time for what those before you have done. In fact, equal means equal. Embrace the time where women are more likely to help inside and outside the home. You may find that you are more suited for a job that is inside the home.

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