Thursday, June 9, 2011

This week’s poll: what do you fight about?

This week’s poll: what do you fight about?

During this week’s poll, I asked my readers what they fight about the most with their partners. I was surprised how much the answers varied. We got seven votes. There were two votes for money, sex, and chores. One person answered other. I can only imagine what that means, or maybe we do not want to know. I was very pleased to see that no one fought about kids.  I find that a bit unusual because I do fight with my husband about the kids. However, that is not what we fight the most.


Fighting about money is very common. I know that on payday, my husband and I will get into a fight. We have very different spending habits. Even though we can agree on what is the difference between needs and wants, there is still a lot to argue about. If you find yourself fighting a lot about money, read this:

How to stop fighting about money


Sex is can be a big issue in a relationship. Whether it is too much, too little or no desire, fighting about sex can influence your relationship greatly. During and after sex your body releases feel good hormones that forces your bodies to connect and makes you feel closer. If your libidos don’t match, which can happen for various reasons, you may find you are fighting about sex often. One of the reasons you sex life could be lacking is a disease.

Fibromyalgia and Sex


Fighting about chores may be more common then everything else. I find it difficult for my husband to do chores without reminding him constantly. I think this is because he suffers from ADHD, which makes it difficult to do housework without getting distracted.  If this sounds familiar for anyone there are some tips for trying to get things done while suffering from ADD.

Tips for doing housework while suffering from ADD

What do you and your partner fight about? Maybe you can find another way to communicate.

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