Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Real Couple Wednesday

Real Couple Wednesday (John and Nicole Roy)

Many times, we feel alone in our struggles for relationships. You are not alone. There are many couples out there just like you. Every Wednesday I will be interview a couple to highlight a different relationship. I send them the same questions. How much they open up is up to them. Some couples will take the plunge, reveal many secrets, and share their struggles. While others may just what to tell you what let them to the happiness they have found right now. Either way, we will get to know the couples every Wednesday.

For the first couple, we have John and Nikki. After each of them suffered a divorce, they found happiness in each other and developed a family that is truly a Yours, Mine and Ours.

These answers came from Nikki.

When did you know you were in love with John?

 The first day we hung out together. He fell into my arms, I hugged him, and I just felt something I never felt before. It was odd.

What did you do on your first date?

We went out to eat at Sullys and then we went to a movie. It was really nerve wrecking!

How did he propose?

In my dining room, he had changed his mind and he was going to propose to me at a family function but he could not wait anymore. He had picked my rings up at Kay and was just too excited.

Tell me about your wedding

We really did not have a wedding. Since we both have been married and had our big wedding, we went ahead and had our Moms and Dads & some of our siblings (and my grandparents and two close friends) come to the courthouse in Monmouth and we got married by a justice of peace. Afterward we went to my Mothers house for conversation and cake. A month later, we had a celebration of our marriage at J's Aunt Dianas house, which was nice, because all of the family was there because it was also the weekend of the annual family reunion.

Read more about what it is like to raise such a blended family at: Nicole Sky's Blog

Thank you Nikki for answering our questions and being the first couple on Real Couple Wednesday!!

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