Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is your relationship healthy?

Is your relationship healthy?

All too often, we talk about wanting to be in a long-term-until-death-does-us-part sort of relationship. There are many people out there seeking the love of their love. However sometimes seeking the love of your life can be an emotional roller-coaster. That roller-coaster may include some very good highs, and you may think you have found the one that you were meant to be with. Is your relationship healthy?

Emotional and verbal abuse is very hard to recognize. Physical abuse leaves a physical mark but the pain is a lot more then bruises or broken bones. Physical abuse turns into emotional abuse because it is hard to believe that someone you love would hurt you so much. This leads to insecurity about yourself, and doubts that you are the person you should be.

A healthy relationship is more then the lack of abuse. It is about fostering each others' growth and wanting to be there for each other no matter what the situation. A healthy relationship does not mean you do not fight, but that the lines of communication are open everyday. In a healthy relationship, you are free to speak your opinion without feeling inferior. Healthy relationships tend to grow each and everyday. Whether you are married, in a relationship or looking for a relationship make it a healthy one.  Check out: Five Ingredients for a Healthy Relationship. What are some signs of an unhealthy relationship?

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