Friday, May 27, 2011

Making the same mistakes: the dating cycle

Making the same mistakes: the dating cycle
There are excessively too many women out there that fall into the same dating cycle. Many women go into the world wanted to find their dream men, but end up with the wrong guys. These wrong guys seem to come from everywhere. Most of the time it may take more then once for a woman to realize that she has once again fell into the same dating cycle.

The wrong man can be any type of man; Silver Tongue, Commander, Marshmallow Man, Abuser and Mr. Right Now. Silver Tongues are players, and Commanders the guys that think they are superior. You may think you want a Marshmallow Man, but soon find out that you have to take care of him like another child. Abusers can sneak up on you and put you in a trap that can last for a very long time. Coming form a couple abusive relationships myself, these are the hardest ones to get out of. Usually the abuser has to decide it is over for you to leave or for outside forces to intervene. If you can find the strength to leave the first time something is not health, then you are stronger then most. Mr. Right Now can be a lot of fun, but will not last to “The Big Day.” Read more about these wrong men here: Dating Lessons.

This dating cycle will usually repeat itself a couple of times before we will value ourselves as worthy of someone that will treat us right. Know that wanting to be treated well is not too much to ask. Many women may find themselves in relationships with these men because they feel as if a man that is worthy will not like them. This is a clue of low self-esteem and not a true reflection of you. Have you dated any of these guys? How many times did it take you to get out of the dating cycle?

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  1. Sometimes, women can be stubborn...they go back to their old habits and make wrong decisions, even similar ones, over and over again. Excellent article!