Thursday, May 26, 2011

Love and Fate: the best four letter words

Love and Fate: the best four letter words

Fate will bring you together with your true love. Perhaps this is a statement you believe in, or maybe, after years of being alone, you have given up on the idea of fate. Our previous relationships build us into the person we will be for our future spouses. This is our fate. When we are with the person we are meant to be with this is our love.

Fate and love work together to bring you to your “Big Day.” “The Big Day” is the day you say “I do” and promise to be next to someone for the rest of your life. A wedding is fate bringing you together with your love. Prior to this day, is the dating phase. Some bad relationships and heartbreak are what fate has in store for you. For some unlucky few, fate plays bad tricks and you think you have found the one true love only to find out this is not the case.

On your wedding, you believe fate has brought you together with the one you are supposed to marry. This is the ‘one’ that you spend your whole life searching for. This person becomes the one you want to wake up next to every day. The planning and excitement that surrounds these events cannot be compared to anything else. This is an event made unique by every couple.

After the wedding comes the hard part, marriage. Marriage means working things out to learn to live with each other everyday for the rest of your lives. Fate has now pulled you together and you must put up with all of the annoying habits and the unexpected turns to get their this thing you thought would be your happily ever after. No one ever told you that happily ever after would be so hard. However, with a little luck and a lot of patience, fate and love, as a couple you can make become a great love story. 

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