Saturday, May 28, 2011

Online Dating: does it really work

Online Dating: does it really work

We have all seen the commercials of ‘real’ couples that are matched up on the online dating sites such as eharmony. com or However, if you ever had the time to read the fine print at the bottom of your screen, it says ‘results not typical.’ So, what are the typical results? Well, I thought I would find out. My brother-in-law recently has had his heart broken and has decided to give the life of online dating a try once again. He has been trying this scene on and off for about four years with no real results. His chosen method is Because of lack of finances, or the lack of faith, he is not subscribing to an upgraded profile. However, to give him some help, I did some research.

I found this article about Online Dating Tips for Men. I then helped him write his profile out, and then help him respond to a few girls he was attracted to. His name is Travis and he is 22. Although he is young, he is very eager to find a lasting relationship. He sees my marriage every day and thinks of it only as a reminder that he is alone. His is heart is still repairing itself from a hard breakup, but he wants to move on. Travis has agreed to allow us to follow his journey on the online dating scene to see if it works. Read here for more updates. Has anybody else found success with online dating?

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  1. Yes, I met my husband through a local chat board. I also met some very good friends I have known for 12 years. Those dating sites weren't really useful when we started dating and we had our friends with us all the time, so it made dating much easier. This October my husband and I will be together 10 years. It can happen if you find the right one. Good luck to Travis, he has to keep the faith.