Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Deal on Divorce

The Deal on Divorce

The information about divorce in America can be scary. It has often been said, “Half of all marriages in America end in divorce.” This is relatively close, but this statement does not include many factors. The age of those that get married, and the number of marriage each person is on will determine if they are more likely to get divorced.   Both men and women are more likely to get a divorce if they get married between the ages of 20-24. Percentages of divorce rates also go up with each marriage. First marriages have a divorce rate of 41%, second marriage are 60% likely to end in divorce. If an individual decides to get married again, the third marriage will end in divorce 73% of the time. Check out this page for more statistics on divorces in America: divorce rates.

In this chart, it shows that the united States are highest in divorce rates per 1,000 couples compared to seven other countries. The best country to be married in would be Italy. There divorce rate seems to be down to 0.7 out of 1,000. Why are divorces so uncommon in this country?

Check out this article to learn some steps to help save your marriage from divorce: Seven Steps that can save you marriage from Divorce.  

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